Why use Focus Hotels Management?

The Focus Hotels Management team is highly experienced in the operation of UK, Premium Budget, 3 and 4 Star Hotels and has, within the team, a wide range of expertise across all disciplines needed to ensure best profit performance from assets managed.

  • Focus Hotels Management has a proven track record of delivering successful management across a diverse portfolio.
  • Focus Hotels Management has experience of working with hotels which were distressed or which have been, or are in, administration and may have, as a result, lost their management teams, their market position, their brand, reservations or web booking systems. We understand the processes needed to quickly input management resource, re-establish systems and reservations contracts.
  • Focus Hotels Management has experience of working with hotels with performance issues and has been involved with both business recovery and business efficiency programs at 10 hotels which have been highly successful within the last two years.
  • The Senior Management within Focus have worked historically with the hotels in the middle and upper markets and have demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality performance out of the hotels whilst also ensuring that best value is obtained from capital expenditure.
  • Focus Hotels has online systems to manage all aspects of the operations delivering maximum efficiency and controls.
  • The Focus Team has the ability to step in quickly and ensure that underperformance is fully addressed and performance enhanced.
  • Focus Hotels commits dedicated executive and regional management time to the individual hotels it manages.
  • Focus Hotels has the manpower to provide step in management where required.
  • Focus Executives have established excellent contacts and preferred partnership agreements with the key HBAA, Conference and Internet Booking Agents.
  • Focus Hotels has a quality database of existing clients and extensive knowledge of online and direct marketing.
  • Focus Hotels has in place Central Reservation Systems, Reservation System Providers and established Web booking facilities.


We will help you maximise results in three fundamental areas:


Your team will benefit from a comprehensive review of the organisational structure and the quality of communication at the hotel, followed by practical, agreed implementation of any required actions. This will include development and training courses for key members of the hotel teams focused on delivering a great guest experience.


Is your hotel competing at the right price in the right market place? Does it maximise its potential?

Following our in-depth market research, we will manage whatever processes are necessary to implement the required projects, identify property improvements (if appropriate) and where agreed, implement these to best industry standards and prices. We also have the experience to help you expand your portfolio by acquiring additional hotels.


We compare investment returns against benchmark norms in the hotel industry, identify opportunities for improvement and implement these, where agreed, quickly.

Quite simply, the Focus Hotels team is in the business of delivering tangible results – and doing it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We are entirely open in the way we do business with you.

That means:

  • Providing you with a truly level playing field where transparent fee structures are aligned to your returns.
  • Guaranteeing that all profits or rebates from centrally negotiated contracts work to your benefit on a full open-book basis.
  • Making our contracts clear in terms of mutually-agreed responsibilities and outcomes.
  • Keeping you fully aware at all times of the performance of your business and the key operational developments within it.